The CASOP Steering committee is comprised of a Primary and an Alternate member from each of the categories listed below.

Steering Committee members are usually nominated by their respective CASOP membership category and expected to serve for a minimum 24-month period.

In order to maintain expertise and continuity, the expectation is that the alternate member would replace the primary member and a new alternate candidate would fill the created vacancy when applicable.

Attendance to CASOP Steering committee meetings is also extended to hosts of the next CASOP Conference in order to assist in planning and preparation.


Representing: Air Navigation Service Providers

Primary Member: Nicolas Jean (Montreal FIR)
Alternate Member: Vanessa Trask (Winnipeg FIR)


CASOP CATEGORY: Airline Operations

Representing: 705 International/Domestic Operations​

Primary Member: Johnathan Sawicki (Sunwing)
Alternate Member: VACANT


CASOP CATEGORY: Private Operators

Representing: 604 Operations

Primary Member: Wayne Brown (Enbridge)
Alternate Member: Jared Williams (AirSprint)


CASOP CATEGORY: Special Operators (Helicopter/Medevac/Aerial Firefighting/RPAS)

Representing: 702/900 Operations

Primary Member: Anne-Sophie Riopel-Bouvier (Aerial Evolution Association of Canada)
Alternate Member: Paul Adams (STARS-Manitoba)


CASOP CATEGORY: Regional Airport Authority

Representing: Airport Authorities>300,000 Passengers

Primary Member: Lars Olsson (Victoria Airport Authority)
Alternate Member: Steve Faulkner  (Greater London International Airport Authority)



Representing: DND Operations

Primary Member: LCol Andy Haddow (DFS Chief Investigator)
Alternate Member: LCol Wilfred Rellinger (1 CAD Flight Safety)


CASOP CATEGORY: Maintenance/Manufacturers

Representing: 573 Operations-AMOs and Manufacturers

Primary Member: Jason Rowan (AAR Airframe Maintenance – Windsor)
Alternate Member: Vacant



Representing: Air Navigation Service Providers

Primary Member: Darlene George (Vancouver FIR)
Alternate Member: Jeff Wearn (Toronto FIR)


CASOP CATEGORY: Airline Operations

Representing: 705/704/703 Domestic/Local Operations

Primary Member: Jeff Rogozinski (Wasaya)
Alternate Member: John Murphy (Canadian North)


CASOP CATEGORY: Aviation Schools/Flight Training Units

Representing: 406 Operations

Primary Member: Savik Ramkay (Seneca College)
Alternate Member: Suzanne Kearns (U Waterloo)


CASOP CATEGORY: Major Airport Authority

Representing: Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Calgary, Edmonton, Ottawa, Winnipeg, Halifax

Primary Member: John Ventresca (GTAA)
Alternate Member: Hitesh Patel (Winnipeg Airport Authority)


CASOP CATEGORY: Regional/Northern Airport Authority

Representing: Airport Authorities<300,000 Passengers,
Airport Authorities North of 60

Primary Member: Audrey Wilson (Southport Aerospace Centre Inc.)
Alternate Member: Margaret Menczel (Greater Sudbury Airport)


CASOP CATEGORY: Associations

Representing: Industry Aviation Associations

Primary Member: Les Aalders (Air Transport Association of Canada)
Alternate Member: Jean-Claude Patchell (Air Line Pilots Association)


CASOP CATEGORY: Ground Support Services Providers

Representing: Ground Handlers, FBOs, Fuel Providers

Primary Member: Steve O’Grady (Executive Aviation)
Alternate Member: Vacant


For sector specific safety concerns or issues, please reach out to your CASOP Steering Committee members.