CASOP membership is available to Member organizations with a direct interest or contribution to aviation safety such as Canadian air operators, airport operators, air navigation service providers, DND, aircraft maintenance organizations, manufacturers, flight-training units and educational institutions.

CASOP is also open on a case by case basis to other outside organizations, associations and agencies with a direct interest or contribution to aviation safety not listed above. Application for these groups must be approved by the CASOP Steering Committee.

CASOP is not open to individuals, members of the media, insurance companies, special interest groups or the legal community at large.

Observers who are not members of CASOP will be invited on a case by case basis by the CASOP Steering Committee.

CASOP is not a marketing forum, and the Rules of the Road are to be respected by the members and attendees in this regard.


To view the current CASOP Members Organizations Directory, please click here.

If your organization is listed as being a Member Organization of CASOP, DO NOT SUBMIT A NEW REQUEST FOR MEMBERSHIP. Please contact your Organization’s Primary Point of Contact identified in the Members Directory to determine how you can participate in CASOP activities.

If your organization is not listed in the Members Directory and is interested in becoming a member of CASOP, please fill out the form below to request a CASOP membership for your organization.


The purpose of CASOP is to create a network of safety-focused professionals from Member organizations across Canada’s aviation community to discuss safety issues and concerns, to share safety-related information, and to develop professional relationships for addressing safety challenges as they emerge.

The CASOP initiative is also focused on contributing to Transport Canada’s requirement for exchanging safety-related information within Canada’s aviation community. The responsibility for the success of the partnership is shared amongst all participating members.

The log in portal will open in a new browser tab, and will only be available to the Member Organization's Primary Point of Contact.

We are continually updating and verifying our members list. If you are a Member Organization's Primary Point of Contact and receive an error message while trying to log in you may have not been added to our active directory yet. Please be patient while we update our records. If you feel you have received an error message and you are a CASOP Member Organization's Primary Point of Contact, please use the contact form below include your member number in the message and we will get you added as soon as possible. Thank you again for your patience.

CASOP is championed by NAV CANADA's Safety and Quality Department

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